You're Innocent in Your Dreams

open call

︎ what: collective exhibition
︎ who: no restrictions
︎ when: 30 August till 29 September
︎ where: ZERO art space, Tokyo ( JP )
︎ submission fee: 10 $ single image / 25 $ series
︎ deadline: 20 August 2024
︎ announcement of selected works: 23 August 2024

Photographers, artists, authors, and designers from anywhere in the world can submit their work, without any limitations on age, approach, or technique.

Whether it is a single photo, a series, a drawing, or mixed-media, anything that can be printed on paper is acceptable for submission.

After the payment is completed, you will receive a link containing detailed instructions for uploading your files.

"You're Innocent in Your Dreams" invites artists to investigate the purity and honesty of dreams.

This open call want to address what occurs when societal structures disintegrate, presenting raw, unfiltered emotions and visions. Artists are encouraged to interpret this theme liberally, presenting new insights on the junction of reality and dreams, and demonstrating the transparency of our inner worlds.

In the realm of dreams, we are free of the restraints of reality and can navigate a world of innocence and purity. This open call seeks works that explore the limitless and honest nature of dreams, revealing our genuine selves sans society masks.

"You’re Innocent in Your Dreams" calls for artists to create works that reflect the purity and honesty found in our dreams. Artists are encouraged to interpret this theme liberally, providing their own ideas on how dreams can expose the raw core of our inner worlds.

Submissions should critically analyse the nature of dreams, encouraging viewers to discover and artistically portray the subconscious's hidden layers.

We welcome submissions that explore the link between dreams and reality, emphasising the innocence and sincerity present in our dreamscapes. The goal is to develop a visual language that expresses the impact of our dream experiences on both personal and collective levels, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities of human perception and emotional depth.

1. Innocence 2. Dreams 3. Subconscious 4. Purity 5. Reality 6. Honesty 7. Perception 8. Liberation

This overview is intended to provide context, not to limit your artistic expression. You may choose to focus on any single aspect of these themes/keywords.

Should the curators deem it necessary, you will be asked for additional text to contextualize your submission.

︎Selected participants
Selected artists will have their work printed and framed by Zerofeedback. Additionally, each selected artist will receive a catalogue of the exhibition, with only the shipping costs to be covered by the artist. The exhibition will take place at Zero art space in Tokyo. Stay tuned for more details.

> For any inquiry regarding this open call write to: opencalls @

> To ensure to keep you updated, all email addresses provided by submitters will be added to the "Rational Inattention" mailing list.