Signs of Impermanence

Exhibition Catalogue
Jinny Street Gallery, Tokyo 1 - 30 April 2023

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“Signs of Impermanence” is an exploration of the fleeting and transitory nature of life, where everything is subject to change and ultimately impermanent.

The artists featured in this exhibition were invited to interpret this concept in their own unique way, using a variety of mediums and styles to explore the themes of impermanence and the passage of time. The resulting collection of works offers a reflection on the fragility and impermanence of the human experience.

︎︎︎ 42 Artists
︎︎︎ 48 Pages
︎︎︎ 50 copies limited edition
︎︎︎ [B5] 240x175 mm, saddle-stitched
︎︎︎ [Cover] Vent Nouveau VG Snow White 150kg
︎︎︎ [Inside] Matte coated paper 110kg
︎︎︎ printed in Japan