Touching Transcendence

open call

︎ what: collective exhibition
︎ who: no restrictions
︎ when: 6 till 9 September
︎ where: Santa Chiara Conservatory, San Miniato ( PI ) Italy
︎ submission fee: 25 $ 
︎ deadline: 20 August 2023
︎ selected works will be announced the 23 of August 2023.

“Touching Transcendence” delves into the symbolic representation of the hand as a connection between the divine and humanity. It examines the significance of gestures that transcend verbal communication, bridging spirituality and the real world through the power of touch.

Throughout history, the hand has held profound significance in various cultures and religious traditions. In Jewish and Christian art, particularly during the late antique and early medieval periods, depicting God the Father or Yahweh as a complete human figure was deemed unacceptable. Instead, artists used the artistic metaphor of the “Touching Transcendence” to convey the presence of the divine without representing a physical form. This motif often appears from above, sometimes with a portion of the arm, bestowing blessings or engaging in actions.

After the payment is completed you will receive the link with the instructions for the upload of the files.

Photographers, artists, authors, and designers from anywhere in the world can submit their work, without any limitations on age, approach, or technique.

Whether it is a single photo, a series of photos, a drawing, or a mixed-media piece, anything that can be printed on paper is acceptable for submission.

“Touching Transcendence” transcends language and directly communicates profound meanings. By exploring this theme, artists have the opportunity to delve into the symbolism, metaphor, and visual representations associated with the theme.

Through their artistic interpretations, participants can explore the transformative and spiritual aspects of the hand, its gestures, and its relationship with humanity's connection to the divine. This open invitation encourages artists to explore a wide range of possibilities and perspectives, providing a platform for creativity, expression, and contemplation.

By presenting their artworks, artists contribute to a collective exploration of the profound themes encompassed within "Touching Transcendence" connecting diverse perspectives and promoting a deeper understanding of its symbolism in the contemporary context.

The Exhibition will take place in September and the exhibition will last 4 days.

The monastery of Santa Chiara is located in the medieval town of San Miniato Alto Italia, in the centre of Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa.
The exhibition will be held in one of the spaces in the Santa Chiara monastery complex dating back to 1226 in San Miniato in the middle of Florence and Pisa ( see location photos below ).

A special installation will be created for the exhibition of the artworks, which will be printed in 50x70cm or 70x50cm format.  The fee will cover printing costs, promotional materials, and installation.  We will print a special catalogue edition of the exhibition that the finalists can request free of charge ( postage fee excluded ).