The Annihilation of Space and Time

open call

︎ what: collective publication
︎ who: no restrictions
︎ when: undecided
︎ where: -
︎ submission fee: free 
︎ deadline: 8 December 2022 

This is our first open call for our first collective publication. The title or rather the theme suggestion is “The Annihilation of Space and Time”.

    "[…globalization is being shaped by technological changes, involves the reconfiguration of states, goes together with regionalization, and is uneven.
Globalization means time-space compression, and involves more intensive interaction across wider space and in shorter time than before, in other words, the experience of a shrinking world..]"

Submissions are open to photographers, artists, authors, and designers from all around the world, with no constraints on age, approach, or technique.

Can submit one photo or a series, Text, Drawings, Mixed-media. Anything that can be fixed on paper.

Get inspired by the title. Use it as a starting point for your submission, not as a constraint.
The print edition, size, and design of the book, as well as all other details, will be determined by your submissions. So we can't say anything about the final book for the time being. We will keep you posted. We will probably organize an exhibition in Tokyo at the time of the realease.

There is no entry fee, and we will cover all costs, including design, printing, distribution, and marketing.

We want to be straightforward, because this is a collaborative project, and we cannot provide free copies to all artists, but we will guarantee that the artists can purchase the book at wholesale cost + shipping.