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zerofeedback is an independent publisher based in tokyo, oriented towards photography, architecture and culture.

we love to connect and create connections.

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zerofeedback is an indipendend  publisher based in tokyo,oriented towards photography, architecture and culture.

zerofeedback is founded in Italy in 2007 as a video label.

The primary intent of the label was to distribute and produce experimental video and non-narrative film.

Following the model of small independent music net-labels, the purpose of zerofeedback was to promote and compile the work of young and talented video artists.

zerofeedback's production covered DVD compilations, audio/visual performances, video productions.

The main focus of the label has always been to create connections and push the artists involved in the productions in unexpected directions.

With the death of the DVD medium and the slowing down of what had been a movement such as vjing, live cinema and so on, the label's activities also ceased about three years after its creation.

In 2020, zerofeedback reborn in Tokyo as a publishing house.

Always caring for the quality of connections and the quality of productions.

In response to the poor treatment to which photos are subjected, especially on some social platforms. To highlight above all, the work of artists and their projects.

We aim to became a platform with the purpose to give a voice to the emerging photographers, illustrators, designers, architects. By promoting their work and collaborating with them.
To produce and distribute small but high-quality publications.

Our first and current project is called influences. It is going to be a series of publications, inspired by the surrealist game “exquisite corpse”.
A Game that wants to connect two photographers who, sequentially, will influence each other for the compilation of each publication.

For the first series of influences twelve publications will be printed featuring the interaction of two different photographers every issue.

zerofeedback is a brainchild of  ︎︎︎ dstry studio