Touching Transcendence

UltraSuperNew, Tokyo ( jp )︎︎︎

1-1-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan 150-0001

︎ when: 8 - 22 January 2023
︎ 9 December from 6PM Reception Party
"Touching Transcendence" explores on the metaphorical role of the hand as a link between the divine and humanity. It focuses on nonverbal gestures that connect spirituality and reality through touch. Historically significant in various cultures and religions, the hand in art, particularly in Jewish and Christian contexts, has represented divine presence without physical form.

The show invites artists to understand the transforming and spiritual aspects of the hand, as well as its gestures and divine-human relationship. It's an invitation to delve into the theme's rich symbolism, analogies, and visual storytelling.

22 artists participate in a collaborative journey through their artworks, contributing to a comprehensive perspective of "Touching Transcendence" in the present environment.

Andrey Ludmer
Özge Ertürk
Andrea Soverini
Marco Piras
Sonia Létourneau
Uki Espona
Katharina Siegel
Maria Tolkacheva
Sina Muehlbauer
Jacob Heine
Viktoria Kovshikova
Anasuya Pless
Nuno Serrão
Heidi Margocsy
Klara Kusa
Chiaki Suzuki
Teri Varhol
Lorenzo Menghi
Sunniva Hestenes
Nikos Kapetanios
Jeong Hur
Louisa Boeszoermeny