Influences wrap party

UltraSuperNew, Tokyo ( jp )︎︎︎

1-1-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan 150-0001

︎ when: 8 - 22 December 2023
︎ 9 December from 6PM Reception Party

Influences, inspired by the surrealist "exquisite corpse" game, connects photographers in a creative exchange.

This exhibition presents the final three issues of Zerofeedback publication, culminating a series of thematic explorations through collaborative dialogue.

Japan Dialogues: Alex Harrison and Thomas Knott embark on a photographic exploration of Japan, merging distinct mediums to capture its beauty.

Symbolic Hues:
Stéphanie Pineau & Sohei Nakanishi communicate in the instinctive language of art, blending symbolism and color.

Fragments of Memory:
John Sypal & Giovanni Pascarella intertwine recollections using found photography in Japan.

As the publication of Influences comes to an end, we reflect on its artistic dialogues. Join us in exploring these final dialogues.

Other editions are available for purchase in addition to the display, inviting further involvement with the project's creative spectrum.

Giovanni Antignano
Maurizio D'Errico
Shola W. Lawson
Sakurako Nagaiwa
Ulysses Aoki
Daniele Martire
Sean Lotman
Alberto Fererrero
Johannes Doppler
Wei Cheng-Li
Nadzeya Pakhotsina
Julia Winter
Johan Brooks
Katsumi Nishizawa
Superluna collective
Carin Iko
Alexandra Mocanu
Simonetta Prestinenzi
Dhani Caro
John Sypal
Giovanni Pascarella
Alex Harrison
Thomas Knott
Stéphanie Pineau
Sohei Nakanishi