Influences showcase

Sedici, Prato ( it )︎︎︎

Via Genova 17/5
Prato (PO) Italy

︎ when: 20 - 21 January 2023
︎ 20 January from 6PM Reception Party
︎ Sonorization by

28 photos from all published and yet-to-be-published zines to create 2 new interconnected paths of 14 photos each. The two groups of photos were selected using the same concept that guest photographers use to assemble Influences. 

This way we created meta-influences that prove that influences are never one-way interactions, but have infinite realities.

The two paths are represented by red and blue threads. The blue thread runs from left to right. The red one is running from right to left.

It symbolises, among other things, the west and the east, the flow of blood, blue and the red, the magnetic poles.

Giovanni Antignano
Maurizio D'Errico
Shola W. Lawson
Sakurako Nagaiwa
Ulysses Aoki
Daniele Martire
Sean Lotman
Alberto Fererrero
Johannes Doppler
Wei Cheng-Li
Nadzeya Pakhotsina
Julia Winter
Johan Brooks
Katsumi Nishizawa
Superluna collective
Carin Iko
Alexandra Mocanu
Simonetta Prestinenzi
Dhani Caro
John Sypal
Giovanni Pascarella