№035 06012024

Giorgia De Bortoli

Giorgia De Bortoli is a 26-year-old photographer from Treviso, currently based in Rome.

She graduated in Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage in Venice and later attended the Bauer Academy in Milan.

Her research focuses on the use of images often detached from their context to create a storyline that lies halfway between the imaginary and the real world.

She blends impulsive photography, staged shots, and manipulation of archival images. 

The foundations of this house stink. I sink into the comfort soaked in discomfort of the couch in my living room. I can't get out, but I want to, I intensely want to, but I'm stuck.

I've only watched some crappy video of a guy making things explode, maybe another one where a cat does weird things, and hours have already passed, just like that. And I haven't done anything.

I get up, instead of doing something I get lost in thinking about what I could do and waste time, again. Imagine if instead of just thinking about it I had actually done them, I would have already improved my skills in one of those silly things I believe in so much. The series of photos aims to represent the influence stemming from the speed of social media, which enhance our possibilities while simultaneously keeping us stagnant, trying to keep up with an unreal operativeness.

They boost our productivity as much as our depressive phases, as they show you how much you remain stuck compared to the surrounding world.