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SERIFA, a multidisciplinary creative studio co-founded by Nastassja Abel and Christian Otto, operates at the interface of art and design.

Central to SERIFA’s mission is their guiding DNA "Defining New Aesthetics," under which they explore new forms of visual expression, harnessing the capabilities of AI.

Art Every Day
During a visit to the Perrotin Gallery in NYC, the duo stumbled upon a pin reading "ART EVERY DAY." This discovery, and later Beeple’s "EVERYDAYS", inspired them to also publish works daily. Their "ART EVERY DAY" series has since grown to over 500 pieces, with new ones added daily to their Instagram (@serifa). This commitment to daily output is the key to the continuous creative development of the studio. SERIFA’s work draws from various sources, including fashion, magazines, Japanese culture, hip-hop, design, typography, and architecture.

SERIFA’s roots are in design, and at the same time the studio is taking a new, freer artistic path. The basic design principles, which focus on functionality and customer-oriented solutions, continue to shape their practice, but they are now going beyond these boundaries.

I like it, what is it? Gerhard Richter's statement, "I don’t like pictures that I understand," profoundly echoes within the studio’s philosophy. This affinity for the enigmatic mirrors Richter’s appreciation of the incomprehensible in art. In this realm of ambiguity and abstraction, SERIFA’s work finds its most potent and expressive form.

The integration of AI technology marks a significant evolution in SERIFA’s artistic trajectory, echoing a philosophy of embracing unpredictability and innovation. This approach parallels the disruptive techniques of artists like Georg Baselitz, renowned for challenging traditional views by upending the familiar.

SERIFA is characterized by the interplay of design discipline and artistic freedom. It is a balance between practical solutions and the pursuit of the unexpected, where design principles coexist with a liberated, evolving artistic expression, driven by the transformative potential of AI.