№031 04012024

Ilaria Pisoni

Ilaria Pisoni is a photographer born in Sardinia, Italy. She studied cinema and photography, and she elaborated the fields of publishing, graphic design and photo editing through courses and Masters, before continuing her photographic journey as a freelancer. Today she is a photographer and a bookbinder.

My works arise from the intention of seeking new forms of representation through the photographic medium. Shooting and printing go hand in hand, and the image has a new meaning. The search for the perfect image no longer exists, but rather the need to give a different shape to photographic content arises.

I have a strong propensity towards abstract photography, which accompanied my adolescence, my confusion, and my wondering, helping me to build an abstract but conscious aesthetic vision, following the flow of a constant movement, in which memory and reality, fantasy and rationality. Much of what I do comes from the spaces I live in every day, from the life I lead on my island, which brings isolation and loneliness, but even though it is a relationship of love and hate, it reflects strongly on me, making me aware of how authentic is the reality in my special place.

It is through this awareness that my aesthetic taste has strengthened and is constantly changing, with an inclination towards print experimentation and the reuse of waste and printing errors By searching for places where the sense of emptiness is present, places I have never seen that I feel I recognise, I have the possibility of communicating with reality and imagination, with a childish and aware gaze.
Liminal works 2020-2024