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Antoni Benavente Barbero

Born in 1964 in Lleida (Spain) Antoni Benavente began his artistic career in the nineteen-eighties.

Benavente studied Visual Art and Graphic Design in the Municipal School of Fine Arts of Lleida.  His work has been selected in diverse national and international photographic exhibitions and festivals.His artistic work forms part of both public and private collections.

He currently works and lives in Lleida and is represented by PetitGaleria
"Deserts" is a selection of my most recent work in natural environments.

They are desert places far away from the sounds of towns and roads, and that are emotionally close to me, landscapes of deep silence that I revisit during the four seasons.

"Deserts" is my attempt to describe the essence of these timeless places and the austere beauty, but authentic and intense, that emanates from their dry land.
The images in this series are entirely made with the traditional cyanotype technique.