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Maria Siorba

Maria Siorba is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece, with an educational background in Fine Arts, Graphic Design & Communication. Her photographic work, deeply inspired and intimately connected to her personal life and experiences, delves into themes such as human connections, challenges of self-expression, mental malfunctions, the nature of understanding and trust and how do all these manifest within the visual environment. She explores these subjects from both psychological and existential perspectives, using symbolism and poetic language.
‘Blank Verse’, is a photographic work that focuses on the subject of observing and searching deeply within the soul and inner landscape of others as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, in order to find our place in the world.

Inspired by the challenge of understanding and trusting others or our own senses, the images, through symbolism and poetic language, express the intense need of using additional perceptive mechanisms to help us acquire a kind of deep knowledge that could lead us to a balanced sense of self, perception of reality and inner peace.

Throughout our lives, accurately reading human nature can be challenging for several reasons, including our upbringing, individual character formation, mental and emotional states, while the ‘relational self theory’, originated in both philosophy and psychology, proposes that perceiving the world is an act of exchange. Our interactions with others are crucial in shaping our sense of self which justifies, to an extend, the importance of feedback from external factors.

With photography, the camera, being by our side, becomes our personal 'reality testing' tool with which we can delve into channels that explore the collective and individual unconsciousness creatively and propose our very own journey of discovery, hoping that it resonates with others on a meaningful level.