№027 03012024

Wanki Min

Born in 1988, South Korea
Another Possibility of light

In this project, I combined photographs of cities, people, and landscapes taken around the world with photographs of the stars taken with a camera attached to a telescope as well as straight photography itself. Then I pushed some of these photographs further by applying alternative processes to explore light.

These were shot on 4x5, 120mm, 35mm film, or digitally.

I took photographs of stars in ways to identify solutions of how I could combine astrological form factors within the realm of photography.

I greatly believe in the stars of the night sky more significant than any doctrine, religion, or politics that establish conflicts between life and death. I greatly believe that astronomy can go beyond and levels of doctrine, beyond its region, and across the universe to present a cosmic perspective and an agenda of harmony. And I greatly believe that these doctrines, ideologies, religions, and politics are far less valuable and ideal than my parents and all my loved ones that encompass my life. Those who strive to live, to succeed, without any harm to others in their trivial, mundane ordinary days are far more prized than any beliefs.

I long to endeavor harmony woven through different regions, generations, and religions greater than any doctrines combined with the knowledge of astronomy exploring cosmos born earlier than Earth to make connections to present, contemporary earth.

Much like myth, I believe stars cam be a metaphor for human life. Each individual’s life can be symbol of permanence. And stars and constellation alike within this project captivate and illuminate people’s ordinary day and nature on the earth as a metaphor of all existence.