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Charlotte Mariën

Charlotte Mariën is a photographer based in Belgium. Challenging reality is a central theme in her work. She uses photography as a medium to turn her vivid imagination into a sharable story. Her work is often situated in nightly scenes, which she pushes beyond the boundaries of reality to create an alienating universe.

She aims to revaluate imagination and a receptiveness to the other, the strange. This same attitude she considers invaluable in life, in order to challenge entrenched conceptions.
‘Obscurances’ (2019), revolves around a fictional character who seems to be submerged in an alternative reality.

The title is a composition of two words: obscure and occurrences. Obscure, next to meaning dark and unexplainable, is also a wink to the camera obscura, the original form of photography. For me this is a reference to the essence of photography: a dark room where the present light rays form an image. Occurrences refers to the remarkable events that the fictional character undergoes. This series contains experiments with unusual light sources, overlays, reflections and projections.