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Nuno Serrão

Nuno Alexandre Serrão is a Portuguese photographer and director whose photography work has been published in publications like HuffPost, Expresso, Público, L’Hémcycle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and GQ, by brands like Adobe, Discovery and Samsung, and exhibited in various galleries and museums worldwide, including Fotogalerie Friedrichshain in Berlin, the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki, National Gallery of Macedonia in Skopje, Galleri Fold in Reykjavik, and Casa das Mudas in Madeira Island.

Led by curiosity, he often creates or documents ambiguous but frameable non-linear narratives about uncomfortable topics that, in the end, pose a new set of questions about our universe and what is fundamental or emergent.

As a director, his shorts and advertising films have also been awarded in various film festivals worldwide, such as the Aesthetica Film Festival, Caminhos do Cinema Português, FUSO, Inshadow Festival, Amsterdam Independent Film Festival, Annual Copenhagen Film Festival, Astoria Film Festival and LA Experimental Film Festival, among others.
Nuno, was nominated in 2022 as a Portuguese member of the Creative Europe platform Futures Photography, has been an Adobe Partner since 2020, and is represented by the British agency Kintzing for photography licensing. 
Quantum entangled particles are forever linked, no matter their distance in spacetime. Some of us are connected in these mysterious ways.
Like the elusive realm of physics, love often presents itself as deciphered, only to unfold a new universe when a new theory is encountered.
This explores a non-dialogue story about the importance of seeing and being sen.