№021 12032023

James John Midwinter

James John Midwinter is multidisciplinary artist working in Cornwall, UK
‘Rock Pile of the Summer Dwelling’ is a project and handmade photobook by James John Midwinter which visually considers his understanding of love. Within the book he arranges personal snapshots together with delicate fleeting moments in nature, to create an emotional portrait of his relationship, of his perception of love.

This sense of time elapsing and memory, and the presence of imperfection, is important to the theme of the photographs in the book, paralleling the passing of time within a relationship, the reality of what life with another brings. Small details and inconsequential moments are considered in a deeper and more analytical way, which gives them space to become the focal point; celebrated for their simplicity and significance.

Within the private moments depicted in the book, a figure moves amongst rocky outcrops, the softness of their body contrasting with the cold resilience of the cliffs. The sequencing of the images evokes comparison between these seeming opposites, they dance together, hinting toward the possibility of merging into one another.

These combinations seek to create a subtle symbolic study of the continually evolving emotional states within love - joy, hurt, contentment, conflict, isolation and connection. The setting, a favorite hidden beach in Cornwall, constantly changing with the tide, is reflective of these shifting feelings, peaceful or turbulent from moment to moment.