№017 11012023

Eva Vei

Eva Vei (b. 1996) is a Greek visual artist whose projects revolve around notions of communication and intimacy within everyday interactions.

Through quasi-documentary strategies and non-linear visual narratives, she tackles issues of identity and belonging whilst probing at the boundaries of the photographic medium.

Vei holds a BA in History and Theory of Art from the Department of Fine Arts and Art Science at the University of Ioannina. She is also a graduate of Athens’ Focus School of Photography and New Media.

Blyertspenna’ studies the act of building intimacy with my cousin, Kristina, who is autistic and nonverbal.

By observing her body language, I attempt to deepen my relationship with her through the use of photography.

Although she cannot write, she always holds a pencil in her hand. Focusing on the pencil, now removed from its conventional context, I pay attention to her hand gestures to better understand the importance of this item for her. Combining still life images and momentary fragments of everyday intimacy, I aspire to portray the protected environment that has been built for her; photography becomes a tool for connection where speech is not an option.