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Bruno Silva

Bruno Silva, Porto, Portugal

Uses photography as a vehicle in projects in the area of documentary / personal with special interest in territory and memory.
Only in 2014 began to publicly present some works.
Exhibits regularly since 2017 in Portugal

In 2018 finish the Master in Artistic Photography at I.P.C.I, Porto. In 2017, won the scholarship for Emerging Documentary Photography by Manifesto / IPCI In 2018 won the grant of the festival “Estação Imagem” Coimbra. In 2020 was one of the winners of Urbanautica Institute Awards In 2022 was part of the exhibition cycle of the Bienal de Arte Contemporânea de Cerveira and received honorable mention at Vila Franca de Xira Photography Bienal.

In Portugal he is represented by Adorna Gallery, Porto.

ERMO’, The word Ermo (from Portuguese), means dense and dark forest; unpopulated, inhospitable place; or in some cases it could mean loneliness.

Long before I knew what Ermo meant, I was already playing there with my friends. Ermo was the name of a place on the outskirts of the Porto very close to where I lived during my childhood and adolescence. It was an extensive and dense forest until the beginning of the 70s.

At that time urbanism transformed this extensive forest into dozens of small woods. In one of these woods there was a house where a woman lived who had a vision problem - her eyes were white but she was not blind. She lived alone and when asked how she managed to do her routine without any help, she smiled and replied that there was a hand on her shoulder that guided her through the trees.

But that didn't frighten her - what frightened her were the trees. Ermo intends to be a sensorial mapping of a territory in a distant memory. Addressing and surrounding themes like home, the suburbs and childhood, form and symbol, trying to create a dreamlike, ambiguous and above all interpretive universe.