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Quintin H. O'Connell

I am an American image-maker and student. My work attempts to reach into the complexities of the human condition, exploring themes of identity belonging, and the search for meaning in life. I have a background in traditional sociology and continental philosophy, often weaving relevant themes within my work.

ANOMIE’, the title of this series, pays homage to a profound concept deeply rooted in Durkheimian sociology. In essence, it delves into a state of normlessness, where the bonds connecting individuals to the broader community erode, leaving them adrift in a sea of uncertainty and moral ambiguity.

Émile Durkheim's exploration of anomie in the context of suicide rates highlighted a critical connection between social integration and normative regulation. Anomie represented the latter, a void where societal norms lost their grip, causing individuals to feel disoriented and isolated.

This series explores a form of psycho-social anomie - a disconnect, alienation, and moral struggle experienced by those witnessing their society's endorsement of behaviors that harm the natural world and thwart human growth and flourishing.

Yet, amidst the sense of anomie, the series unravels the veiled beauty concealed within solitary and quiet moments. It contemplates the mysterious allure of isolated spaces, inviting viewers to reflect on a delicate harmony that still exists within the unsettling dissonance of our modern world."