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Marta Mengardo

Marta was born in Como in 1996. She approached photography spontaneously in her teens, starting out by photographing the landscapes of her hometown surroundings. The human figure was gradually integrated into the natural element.
Mostly using film and collages Marta’s work reveals private aspects of daily life Her projects realized out to date reflect the need to visually express a feeling that otherwise would not find form. She plays with images, creates, mixes, superimposes to give life to something sentimental, but no sentimentality.

She loves mountains, nature and the many variations of the colored shades of the sky during the day.

After graduating in visual design she has studied photography at Cfp Bauer.

I am running, but I don’t know where or even
for how long.
I can’t stop because I have to find myself.
I don’t know how long I have to run to reach
my destination.

I just wish I could see myself from the outside.

My desire is to create images without time
and place, which have a vague identity, so that
everyone can put a bit of themselves into them.

I wish I could suspend time for a moment.