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Johan Brooks

Johan Brooks is a photojournalist and street photographer based out of Tokyo, Japan. He was born in the UK, grew up in NYC, and eventually found his way to Japan, where he has been living for over 10 years.
He is a member of the VoidTokyo photography collective. Johan primarily documents the lives of people and their relationships, both with each other and their environments. Notable completed projects include “The Erosion Beneath“ and "Young Mountains", among others. His photography has been exhibited in galleries and other establishments in Tokyo, Italy and the US, including a permanent installation at the CrunchyRoll HQ in San Francisco. His work also appears in numerous books and online publications, including The Japan Times.

“Fire Corps” is a photo essay on a volunteer firefighter group in Kanagawa, Japan.

It documents their activities leading up to a district competition in 2019, which they won.

With its dramatic black and white photographs, it aims to highlight the activities of these individuals who play a quiet but important supportive role in society.