№008 06012023

Flora K

Flora K is a lens - based artist. Her work is moved by memories, dreams and familial experiences, with an emphasis on trauma and the feeling of not being yourself.

How does it feel to open a window?

I was three. I remember a sunny afternoon at my village.

We went uphill with my father to the old playground outside the abandoned school.

I don’t know who took the photo. We were both happy.

I kept this image on my mind, but I am not sure anymore if I can recall the real event that happened, or if that picture became my memory.

If I’d never seen this photograph, or if it never existed, would I still remember that moment? How many of our life events we choose to forget, alternate or bury deep in our minds in order to survive? What makes a memory real How do memories work to create our story?

With starting point the photo - memory with my father, I am trying to explore the feeling of remembrance, and how memories ( especially the childhood ones) shape our personality and to what extent define who we are.