№005 05012023

Sina Muehlbauer

Self-taught, Berlin based photographer and artist with strong focus in Conceptual Documentary, Narrative & Portrait Photography as well as experimental techniques.

Sina’s work is driven by a deep desire to see, feel and understand the social dynamics of urban realities. Through her lens, the German artist with Colombian roots is a perceptive and gentle observer – unveiling depth and meaning in human interaction.
It’s not just individual moments in time, that spark her interest but the people, each on their own journey, and in reflection: allow the viewer's story to shape the gaps, to open up a realm of interpretation in volatile proximity.

Sina studied Communications & Film (M.A.) and Cultural Philosophy at Leipzig University. She has a background in journalism that took her from Leipzig to Spain and New York City. Sina is currently based in Berlin.
Emerging rather than describing. Unclean and imperfect. “Letting Go” aims to grasp what often howls in secret, growls behind closed doors, and is experienced in solitude: those abstract and sometimes implacable notions of the mind, only visible by tracing their footsteps in the lengths people go to drown out its noise.

Stories of unrest, of fears and desires, of chaos and confusion. It’s participants, diving into their very own vulnerabilities. An inner world, both appealing and terrifying.

Introspective and instinctual in its approach, “Letting Go” wants to sense and free what lies unseen; a feeling of being in this world rather than describing the state of it. To open a window for self- expression. Allowing the camera to be a mirror. To reflect and question my own perceptions, thoughts and memories in the process. To face my own fears and desires. And eventually, letting the viewer's story shape the gaps, opening up a realm of interpretation in volatile proximity.

In exposing the experience horizon, this project looks at moments between tension and relief and asks: Do we free ourselves by matching the incessant noise with our own, or are we only liberated by letting go?