№003 - 04022023

Frédéric Rennes

Born in 1994, Frédéric Rennes is an Italian photographer. The approach to his craft is quite experimental, finding inspiration mainly in quantum physics, philosophy and poetry.

His research fluctuates between transience and eternity, a representative vision of landscape as a place of dialectic, and surrealism as a way to go beyond the limits of the medium itself.

Exhibited in Liquida Photofestival, part of Der Greif’s Guest Room hosted by Diandra Donecker and Marius Glauer and included Fisheye Magazine n°57: "Frisson". Interviewed by Corriere della Sera in November 2022.

These images are part of Delta, a spatial-temporal and observative analysis on physical space, by using time as the only variable to understand the landscape in which the author was born.

By depriving space of its tridimensionality, and focusing on time as the only changing condition of the represented space, the author started to actually build a relationship with his landscape to the point to feel every subtle variation in it.

The same place, seen from the same angle, does not look or feel the same; its identity, its essence is found in that variation, that deviation, that expresses itself through the passing of time.

The author understands that the true nature of a physical space will never be absolute, instant, on the contrary that nature is the result of a stratification of meanings that allows us to understand the represented object in every condition and circumstance.