№002 - 04012023

Sam Evans

As the redesign of the site has been completed, we have added this new Magazine section, which allows us to engage with artists who we may not always have the opportunity to print in our publications.

Our goal is to promote communication with as many artists as possible through this new platform.

In my photography I relate body and nature to each other. I increasingly deal with artefacts, rituals, memories, imaginary constructs and the environment. Circuits, protective mechanisms, human rawness and the significance of places play a central role.

Through planning and staging, the images are meant to be both abstruse and otherworldly as well as authentic. In order to expand the concept of photography, I experiment with various analogue techniques, post-colouring methods and alternative and alternative as well as installative presentation possibilities.

I often combine other media, such as painting and sculpture with my photographs in order to take away their reference to reality and and instead place them in my own imaginary cosmos and context.